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Weekly Market Call – 8.16.2018

  The U.S. Stock market and risk-adjusted return ranks are covered, along with movements in the international market. The strongest sectors and countries are identified, along with geopolitical considerations and the organization’s outlook for the future.   We have put together a proprietary rank that focuses on performance for the week. We compare our ranking…


3 Techniques to Beat Wall Street During Earnings Season

  In this video Louis Llanes, founder of Wealthnet Investments, discusses how to interpret earnings and even try to profit from mistakes from swings after earnings are announced. Wall Street can punish companies with less-than-expected earnings, pound companies with good earnings and reward companies with ho-hum earnings. Analyst often revise their earnings estimates each quarter…


Can you Optimize Technical Indicators to Make More Money?

  Can you Optimize Technical Indicators to Make More Money? Many traders and investors become interested in technical analysis and begin to use indicators to back-test over past data and try to optimize to make more money. In this video, Louis Llanes, the founder of Wealthnet Investments explains how oscillators can be integrated into one’s…


3 Key Techniques to Successful Trading and Investing

Want to become a more successful trader and investor? One of the hardest things for investors is to manage their holdings after a decision is made. When should you sell? How much should you buy? Should I take partial profits? When has a stock gone up enough to take off some chips? In this week’s…


Weekly Market Call – 7.20.2018

  Let’s make your money more productive! We continued to see many crosscurrents in the markets last week.   The financials, industrials and technology stocks continued to lead in the United States. Small companies also rallied faster than their large cap brethren. The financials have recently displayed an uptrend but in early 2018 we saw a…


Weekly Market Call – 6.29.2018

  Take a look at my June 29th weekly analysis and trade smarter. Here is the rundown… Are we late in the economic cycle? Concerns over fears of the fed tightening too much are leading to worry. Trade and technology restrictions are the biggest concern as the market doesn’t like excessive tariffs or restrictions on…