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Technology, Tariffs, and Emerging Markets

Today we’re going to touch on the tradeoff between technology and emerging markets. There’s a lot of talk about the tariff negotiations, and the elections that are coming, which could affect the negotiations if the Republicans lose control of Congress in the midterm elections. Trump has been able to implement tariffs unilaterally based on a…


How to Invest in Stocks When the Market Is at Highs

  The Truth About New Highs in Stocks and the Market in Recent History   What does it mean for investors when stocks are at new highs? Does it really matter? On this Market Call, I compare the performance of stocks reaching new highs versus those starting to go up after a 50% or more…


The Impact of Mid-Term Elections on the Markets

    Today’s Market Call is looking at markets in light of long-term perspectives. One important thing to begin with is that the S&P 500 is breaking out as we transition into fall. This is a very bullish sign for several reasons – First, fall is typically a volatile season. Historically, this is a time…


A Look at Economic & Political Factors Affecting The Markets: Weekly Market Call – 8.24.2018

  Overview This week we are covering economic and political factors affecting the markets and what to keep an eye out for. We’re also looking at: Movement, momentum, and breadth of the S&P 500 Volatility, emerging markets, and small caps in relation to large caps Index of common US export countries with the current tariff…


Weekly Market Call – 8.16.2018

  The U.S. Stock market and risk-adjusted return ranks are covered, along with movements in the international market. The strongest sectors and countries are identified, along with geopolitical considerations and the organization’s outlook for the future.   We have put together a proprietary rank that focuses on performance for the week. We compare our ranking…


3 Techniques to Beat Wall Street During Earnings Season

  In this video Louis Llanes, founder of Wealthnet Investments, discusses how to interpret earnings and even try to profit from mistakes from swings after earnings are announced. Wall Street can punish companies with less-than-expected earnings, pound companies with good earnings and reward companies with ho-hum earnings. Analyst often revise their earnings estimates each quarter…