Historically Bad September Pulls Through

Equity markets rose in September fueled by improving economic data and optimism surrounding the proposed tax plan for corporations.

The third quarter saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index rise 4.9%, its eight consecutive quarterly advance. For September, the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index rose 2.08%, versus an average loss of -1.09% for the month over the past 100 years.

All but one of the 11 industry sectors comprising the S&P 500 ended the quarter higher. Banks, industrial, and energy sector companies all saw gains for the quarter.

Small cap company stocks may be the primary beneficiaries of the proposed corporate tax cuts since smaller companies tend to pay higher effective tax rates than larger cap companies. The tax proposals pushed the small cap Russell 2000 index higher. A stronger dollar also lifted small caps as small caps don’t have the international exposure that large multinationals have.

Sources: S&P, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Reuters





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